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Chapter 2: Price Changes in Global Destinations

The Roman Amphitheatre of El Jem is part of Tunisia's valuable history

Surf's up in Oahu

Filipino girls at the Ati-Atihan festival

Over half of the destinations on The World’s Greatest Price Increases list are from the United States indicating that the U.S. hotel industry continues to grow and expand as the economy strengthens and consumer confidence rebounds. Colts Neck (minutes from the Jersey Shore), Oahu (home to the North Shore and Honolulu) and Nevada City (last stop before Yosemite National Park), saw prices increase over 50%.

Welcoming over four million arrivals in 2012, the Philippines continue to grow as an up-and-coming destination for many travelers. Puerto Princesa, home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and renowned for exceptional diving and snorkeling, saw an unprecedented 92% increase in hotel prices in 2012. Other Filipino hotspots such as Boracay have seen prices increase as travelers learn of the archipelago’s untouched beauty and relatively affordable prices.

After a few unstable years, travel to Tunisia is rebounding as adventurous vacationers head back to the North African nation to explore the land’s rich archaeological, cultural and religious history. Tunisia saw tourist arrivals increase by 25% in 2012. Gammarth, an affluent ocean front suburb in the capital Tunis, is benefiting from the influx of inbound tourists. Hotel prices rose 59% (the fourth greatest price increase worldwide) to $463 in 2012. Relax at one of the town’s many resorts including the El Mouradi Gammarth. One guest review said the resort offers a “big, beautiful swimming pool and great breakfast buffet in large restaurant. It's good there is a private beach.”

The World's Greatest Price Increases

City 2012 ADR 2011 ADR YoY ADR
1. Puerto Princesa, Phillipines $91 $48 92%
2. Colts Neck, New Jersey, U.S.A $236 $128 84%
3. Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A $358 $212 68%
4. Gammarth, Tunisia $125 $79 59%
5. Nevada City, California, U.S.A $107 $69 56%
6. Pinebluff, North Carolina, U.S.A $74 $49 51%
7. Dover, Ohio, U.S.A $108 $72 49%
8. Santa Fe, Argentina 118 $80 48%
9. Niles, Michigan, U.S.A $132 $89 48%
10. Lautoka, Fiji $90 $61 48%