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Chapter 7: Affordable Luxury

Visit the Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Warsaw

A Cairo street market selling brass items and antique goods

Chain Bridge and St. Stephen's Basilica illuminated in Hungary

For those looking to finally find that much needed rest and relaxation, have authentic experiences in new destinations, gain personal enrichment, or reconnect with loved ones, you are not alone in your quest. According to the 2013 Luxe Report by luxury travel network, Virtuoso, all of these are among the top motivations behind high-end travel for 2013. At the top of these motivations for luxury travel is multi-generational family travel. As baby boomers continue to drive travel sales, and the desire to spend time with loved ones continues to be prominently factored into decisions, travel with family in mind has been the top and recurring trend over the years.

The 2012 Four Seasons Luxury Trend Report states that the modern luxury consumer is continuously in search of customization, true distinctiveness, and constant exceeding of expectations. In terms of travel, this requires services and products to be tailored to each individualís needs and desires, hoteliers to be innovative and different from others in the market, and experiences to be truly once-in-a-lifetime.

Below is a list of the Top 10 Cities with the Best Five-Star Room Rates that can help deliver that unique experience for which travelers are searching. Warsaw, Poland topped off the list once again, providing the best value for a five-star hotel. Both luxury-seeking and value-focused travelers can experience all the extravagance of a five-star hotel here, at properties such as the highly-rated InterContinenal Warsaw (rated ìOutstandingî after almost 300 guest reviews) or the elegant Hotel Bristol, while paying low and affordable rates.

In this often overlooked destination, visitors can stroll through the magnificent Lazienki Park, considered a must-see in the city, and be transported to a world of charming gardens, canals, ponds, and palaces. The masterfully reconstructed Old Town, after suffering years of destruction from World War II, now houses colorful homes, market squares, cobblestone streets and baroque palaces for all vacationers to enjoy.

Jetsetters of all types can find the five-star luxury they are looking for at a fraction of the price in the below cities ranging between only $125 and $206 a night.

Best Five-Star Room Rates

Rank City Country Star ADR
1. Warsaw Poland $125
2. Marrakech Morocco $162
3. Budapest Hungary $177
4. Lisbon Portugal $180
5. Pisa Italy $183
6. Brussels Belgium $186
7. Cairo Egypt $191
8. Bangkok Thailand $199
9. Tallinn Estonia $201
10. Berlin Germany $206