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Chapter 7: Affordable Luxury

Colorful cushions and carpets in a Marrakech street market

Visit the beautiful Castle Square in Warsaw

Delicious soup dumplings served as part of Chinese dim sum

To help you get the most “bang for your buck”, has compiled a list of the Top 10 Cities with Highest Star Rating Under $125. At the top of the list are Warsaw, Poland, Marrakech, Morocco, and Bangkok, Thailand, which also have some of the best five-star room rates. Each of these 10 cities is fantastically distinct and offers many attractions for everyone to enjoy. Travelers can take advantage of the great luxury rates in Bangkok and Madrid to finally check off getting a famous Thai massage or visiting the stunning Prado Museum from their bucket lists. Foodies who are looking to follow their stomachs can indulge in the popular street delicacies of Marrakech or treat themselves to delicious dim sum in Shanghai. Whenever you are looking to cure your wanderlust, this list is the perfect place to start.

Best Value for $125

City Country Star Rating 2012 ADR
Warsaw Poland 5 $125
Marrakech Morocco 4 $104
Bangkok Thailand 4 $104
Budapest Hungary 4 $107
Lisbon Portugal 4 $118
Tallinn Estonia 4 $122
Shanghai China 4 $123
Prague Czech Republic 4 $124
Las Vegas United States Of America 4 $124
Madrid Spain & Canary Islands 4 $125