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Chapter 9: A Look at Canada

Millennium Bridge in London, England

The most famous zip code in Los Angeles, California

The Seine River in Paris, France

When deciding where to travel outside of Canada, “the Big Apple” and “the city of sin” are still Canadians’ top picks. Could it be the bright lights? The fashion? A secret desire to be an onstage performer? Whatever it is, it’s working out well for New York City and Las Vegas. Here’s where else Canucks like to go when crossing the border.

London, England

Although London saw a decline in its average daily hotel accommodation, down 3%($213), it did see an increase in popularity rising a spot to number 8, most likely due to hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Los Angeles, USA

With many Canadian celebrities calling LA home, like Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey, Alex Trebek and William Shatner, it’s only natural for other Canadians to want to find out what the fuss is about. On top of being the secondary home to homegrown top talent, LA broke records in 2012 by welcoming a massive 41 million visitors! The City of Angels climbed one spot to number 9.

Paris, France

Why visit? Well it's THE city of love, but if you need another reason to visit, Paris' Nuit Blanche has quickly becoming a fiercely-anticipated celebration of all things art and culture. Paris climbed a spot to round out the Top 10 International Destinations for Canadians.

Notable Mentions

Other destinations that made significant jumps in 2012 included Venice at 26 (previously 30), Amsterdam at 27 (previously 33) and New Orleans at 28 (previously at 32).

Top International Destinations for Canadian Travellers in 2012

City Country 2012 Rank 2011 Rank
New York City, NY USA 1 1
Las Vegas, NV USA 2 2
Seattle, WA USA 3 4
Orlando, FL USA 4 5
Chicago, IL USA 5 3
San Francisco, CA USA 6 6
Boston, MA USA 7 7
London United Kingdom 8 9
Los Angeles, CA USA 9 8
Paris France 10 11
San Diego, CA USA 11 10
Rome Italy 12 15
Miami, FL USA 13 12
Newark, NJ USA 14 14
Honolulu, HI USA 15 13
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA 16 16
Washington, DC USA 17 18
Barcelona Spain & Canary Islands 18 23
Portland, OR USA 19 22
Atlantic City, NJ USA 20 19