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Chapter 6: Wanderlust

There are infinite wonders to see and countless experiences to be had in all four corners of the world. With this overwhelming amount of choices, sometimes the best place to start when deciding where in the world to go is to follow your passions. Over the years, has given you the best in hotel rates by city and country, top destinations to travel around the world and places where you can get the most "bang for your buck." Here, takes it a step further and recommends the best cities to go based on your interests, touching on every aspect from retail therapy to thrill-seeking. In this section, you will discover the best destinations for cuisine, art and design, shopping, health and wellness, adventure and music - all to help you cure your wanderlust.

Cure Your Wanderlust


It's pretty much a fact that we all love to eat. Trying a new local dish or special type of food is all part of the experience when traveling. The following culinary destinations are bound to get your stomach rumbling.


Art & Design

Seeing a painting, a sculpture or a beautiful building is a much more rewarding experience in real life. The following cities are a sampling of some of the better art and design destinations worth exploring firsthand. Canít make it to one of these cities?



Want to shop Ďtil you drop? Below are a few trending destinations that provide shopping for all budgets and tastes from one-of-a-kind boutiques to mega-malls and luxury brand stores. Consider checking out the Pinterest boards to inspire your vacation outfits and other travel essentials.


Health & Wellness

From open space to yoga to organic food, the following destinations are hotspots for travelers seeking a healthy and balanced escape. Also, check out these tips for staying healthy during a trip.



If the running of the bulls or skydiving is a little too extreme for you, take a look at these adventurous destinations that are bound to get your adrenaline pumping and blood flowing.



From intimate concert settings to large music festivals, the following cities thrive on providing†unique concert experiences†for travelers no matter what music is on their iPod.