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Chapter 4: Americans' Travel Habits

Top Domestic/International Destinations for U.S. Travelers

Americans have very limited vacation time compared to other global cities, so to see where they choose to spend their precious days tells us leaps and bounds about places worth visiting.

Domestically, Americans are spending time in the same places they have stayed in the last two years. The economy has improved since last year and Americans have more money to spend. Business and leisure travel are both up and hotel occupancy rose almost 4% in the past year. Places like Denver, Austin and Atlanta have been perennial favorites, but moved up the ranks in popularity this year.

Anaheim displayed the most drastic change in popularity, from 16th to 20th this year. Despite being the home of Disneyland, Anaheim is the ninth least-friendly city in the nation according to the Condé Nast Reader's Choice Survey. Maybe the city will cheer up when crowds start soaring in for the upcoming Star Wars celebration.

Top Domestic Destinations for Americans

Rank City State
1 Las Vegas NV
2 New York City NY
3 Orlando FL
4 San Diego CA
5 Los Angeles CA
6 Chicago IL
7 San Francisco CA
8 Washington DC
9 Houston TX
10 San Antonio TX
11 Atlanta GA
12 Boston MA
13 Miami FL
14 New Orleans LA
15 Dallas TX
16 Austin TX
17 Denver CO
18 Philadelphia PA
19 Seattle WA
20 Anaheim CA

The three international cities Americans visited most - London, Paris and Rome - remained the unfaltering favorites this year. Other top choices included North American cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Niagara Falls and Mexico City, as well as destinations a world away, such as Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan.

Despite the protests and riots in Istanbul over the past few months, the Turkish metropolis made the Top 20 International Destinations for Americans. Prices in Turkey's largest city rose 7% in the first half of the year compared to last year, up to $162 per night, which is comparable to an average night in the San Francisco area.

Cities in Asia, like Tokyo, became more accessible with new flights by United Airlines. Bangkok, Thailand moved three notches up the ranks in popularity and hotel rooms there became 7% more expensive. Dubbed "The World's Best City" for three years in a row by Travel + Leisure, Bangkok's fame will likely continue to grow especially as it popularizes its medical tourism offerings.

Top International Destinations for Americans

Rank City Province Country
1 London United Kingdom
2 Paris France
3 Rome Italy
4 Toronto ON Canada
5 Vancouver BC Canada
6 Barcelona Spain
7 Tokyo Japan
8 Montreal QC Canada
9 Hong Kong Hong Kong
10 Niagara Falls ON Canada
11 Amsterdam Netherlands
12 Florence Italy
13 Venice Italy
14 Bangkok Thailand
15 Madrid Spain
16 San Juan Puerto Rico
17 Dublin Ireland
18 Dubai United Arab Emirates
19 Istanbul Turkey
20 Mexico City Mexico