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Chapter 10: A Look at Canada

This chapter looks at the most and least expensive countries and cities in the world for Canadian travellers, as well as cities which saw the biggest hotel price increases or decreases.

Are you looking to plan a long-term international trip and, if so, how do you determine the country? Well, if you travel based around your budget, learning which countries have the most affordable average daily hotel rates can be a great way to start the planning process. If Southeast Asia is on your must-see list, the Buddhist country of Cambodia is a dream destination where travellers can experience rich culture while staying in oceanfront hotels and indulging in local foods like kuy teav (a pork broth rice noodle soup).

Least Expensive Countries for Canadians

Country 2013 ADR 2012 ADR YoY ADR
Cambodia $60 $70 -14%
Vietnam $73 $78 -5%
Thailand $99 $97 2%
Philippines $99 $95 4%
Poland $102 $126 -19%

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Turks and Caicos Islands took the top spot, but it's worth it for the crystal clear blue water, white sand beaches and impressive coral reef, making it a popular spot for divers. In fact, this is such a sought after destination that approximately two thirds of the residents are expats too! Brazil is another destination that could make a dent in the wallet, but is well worth saving up for. Home to one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, the lush Amazon rainforest and one of the biggest parties in the world, Carnival, it can impress even the most seasoned travellers.

Most Expensive Countries for Canadians

Country 2013 ADR 2012 ADR YoY ADR
Turks and Caicos Islands $360 $332 8%
Bahamas $304 $286 6%
Barbados $234 $213 10%
Brazil $228 $224 2%
Saudi Arabia $211 $229 -8%

Not a saver or planner? Well these destinations are perfect for travellers looking to get away without going broke. With cities around the world and in North America, there's something that works for every budget or length of stay. The U.S. may not have the most affordable five-star hotel properties, but there are options on both the east and west coast that offer some pretty impressive hotel deals. Laughlin, Nevada is a standout destination and even with an 8% price increase year-over-year, nightly rates are still under $40 - talk about a bargain, right? This city is known for its gaming and entertainment, with nine casinos, as well as its summer water activities along the Colorado River.

Least Expensive: International Cities $70 or Less

City Province 2012 ADR 2011 ADR YoY ADR
Laughlin, NV USA $34 $33 1%
Mesquite, NV USA $61 $63 -3%
Canton, MI USA $63 $54 15%
Des Moines, WA USA $63 $56 13%
Hanoi Vietnam $66 $76 -14%
Hoi An Vietnam $66 $66 0%
West Fargo, ND USA $67 $60 11%
Siem Reap Cambodia $67 $75 -10%
Madison Heights, MI USA $68 $68 1%
Shoreline, WA USA $68 $71 -4%

The cities on the Most Expensive International Cities List for Canadians can be found on most people's dream travel wish lists and, for some, they may remain just that for quite a while! Most of the locales are tropical destinations known for their beaches, warm weather and high-end hotel accommodations. Paradise Island, which is best known for housing the impressive Atlantis Paradise Island resort, came in at number one at just under $400.

Most Expensive International Cities for Canadians

City Province/State Country 2013 ADR 2012 ADR YoY ADR
Paradise Island Bahamas $394 $364 8%
Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands $360 $332 8%
Lahaina HI United States of America $303 $283 7%
Punta Cana Dominican Republic $301 $317 -5%
Rio De Janeiro Brazil $285 $260 10%
Key West FL United States of America $274 $266 3%
New York City NY United States of America $264 $255 4%
Dubrovnik Croatia $255 $221 15%
Napa CA United States of America $242 $225 8%
Nassau   Bahamas $234 $221  

The U.S. state of Hawaii is not known as an affordable destination for travellers, so it follows reason that Kahului topped the list with the biggest increase - up 26%. Although it's not a typical tourist destination within the state, it is a popular shopping area for residents of Maui with several malls and shopping areas. The only city not in the U.S. to make it into the Top Five List was the Italian city of Bologna. Located in the north, the city, which gave its name to the popular pasta and meat sauce dish, is one of the wealthiest in the country and houses the University of Bologna, which is the oldest existing university in the world.

Largest International City Price Increases: 25% and up

City Province/State Country 2013 ADR 2012 ARD YoY ADR
Kahului HI United States of America $161 $128 26%
Bologna Italy $190 $152 26%
West Middlesex PA United States of America $110 $88 25%
Louisville KY United States of America $127 $103 23%
Port Angeles WA United States of America $123 $100 23%

Asian destinations continued to offer significant deals for travellers, but for those looking to soak in some European culture, the city of Warsaw offers a nice alternative. With average daily hotel prices sitting at just over $100 a night, travellers can explore the sites and rich World War II history of this city without breaking the bank.

Largest International City Price Decreases: 20% and up

City Province/State Country 2013 ADR 2012 ARD YoY ADR
Hanoi Vietnam $54 $80 -32%
Cebu Philippines $67 $96 -30%
Ko Samui Thailand $104 $143 -27%
Warsaw Poland $102 $138 -26%
Minot ND United States of America $120 $154 -22%