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Chapter 10: A Look at Canada

Five-Star Destinations under $200

Obligation travel aside, travel is something to be enjoyed and your accommodations can impact your trip just as much as the destination itself. For travellers looking to treat themselves to some extra amenities, like luxury bedding, car service or a bath butler, these cities offer premium hotel properties without the associated price tag.

If you're looking to indulge in local cuisine that feels strangely familiar, Berlin is a surprising crowd pleaser. Although hotdogs are a popular menu item in Canada, whether it's Montreal's famous hotdogs or street meat in Toronto, a visit to Berlin will take the culinary experience to new heights with one bite of a currywurst. This sausage is sliced, covered in ketchup and curry and served on a bun - you'll be hooked immediately, trust us.

Five-Star Destinations Under $200

Rank City Country 5-Star ADR
1 Warsaw Poland $123
2 Marrakech Morocco $158
3 Cairo Egypt $162
4 Guangzhou China $173
5 Lisbon Portugal $179
6 Berlin Germany $183
7 Delhi India $189
8 Brussels Belgium $197

Four-Star Destinations under $120

The city of Marrakech has the most affordable 4-star hotels sitting at less than $100 on average each night. With savings like these, it'll be hard to resist the souks (marketplaces) that the city is so well known for. Besides, who doesn't like a little shopping? If you're looking to relax and pamper yourself, a trip to Budapest is a must-do. Known as a spa city, it is full of thermal baths that are not only relaxing, but are also said to heal illness and increase overall health.

Four-Star Destinations Under $120

Rank City Country 4-Star ADR
1 Marrakech Morocco $94
2 Warsaw Poland $107
3 Shanghai China $108
4 Bangkok Thailand $109
5 Budapest Hungary $112
6 Tallinn Estonia $117
7 Lisbon Portugal $118
8 Beijing China $120

Three-Star Destinations under $75

A passion for travel exists in most of us; however, it's not always the most affordable pastime. If you've been dreaming of exotic locales with cultural attractions and interesting cuisine, it could become a reality in these destinations. Although dominated by Asian countries, Warsaw offers a European alternative. If you're just looking for a weekend getaway, a trip south of the border to Las Vegas is sure to please.

Three-Star Destinations under $75

Rank City Country 3-Star ADR
1 Bangkok Thailand $53
2 Delhi India $65
3 Shanghai China $66
4 Bali Indonesia $70
5 Guangzhou China $71
6 Warsaw Poland $72
7 Beijing China $72
8 Las Vegas United States of America $73