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The® Hotel Price Index™ (HPI®) is a regular report of hotel prices in major destinations across the world. The HPI is based on bookings made on and prices shown are those actually paid by customers per room per night, rather than advertised rates.

Map of U.S. and
Canada Prices

Hotel Price Index 2013 Infographic

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Table of Contents

About the Hotel Price Index

  1. Introduction
    In this Issue
    Preface from David Roche
    2013 Highlights
  2. Global Price Changes
    Asia Pacific
    Latin America and the Caribbean
    Europe and Middle East
    North America
  3. Price Changes in Global Destinations
    World's Most Expensive
    Global Drops
    Global Rise
  4. U.S. Travel Trends 2013
    U.S. Travel Trends 2013
  5. Americans' Travel Habits
    Most Expensive U.S. Cities
    Least Expensive U.S. Cities
    Top U.S. and International Destinations for Americans
  6. Family Travel Spotlight
    Family Travel Spotlight
  7. Wanderlust
    Cure Your Wanderlust
    Art & Design
    Health & Wellness
  8. World's Top Spenders
    What the World Paid for a U.S. Hotel Room
    Prices Paid at Home & Away
    Top U.S. Cities for Foreign Travelers
  9. Luxury at Your Fingertips
    Luxury Trends
    Best Five-Star Values
    Best Value for $135
  10. Travel Talk
    Club Sandwich Index
    Amenities Survey
    Movie Tourism
    Hispanic Travel
  11. A Look at Canada
    Events Summary
    Domestic Overview
    International Visitors
    International Destinations
    International Extremes
    Star-Rated Travel
    Travel Talk