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Chapter 5: Cure Your Wanderlust

Halifax is known for its many music venues

Jamaica is known for its reggae music

Get your country music fix in Austin

From intimate concert settings to large music festivals, the following cities thrive on providing unique concert experiences for travelers no matter what music is on their iPod.

Halifax, Canada – USD $161, CAD $155

The East Coast is well-known for its friendly residents and charm, but did you know it has a thriving music scene as well? Halifax is the perfect destination to experience music of all genres. From traditional folk music, to pop, rap or rock - Nova Scotia caters to music lovers. It’s also the hometown of many popular Canadian acts including the rapper, Classified, alternative-rock band, Sloan, and singer-songwriter, Joel Plaskett. Plan a visit in July to check out the Halifax Jazz Festival, or in October for Halifax Pop Explosion.

Austin, Texas - USD $142, $190 CDN

Many travelers consider Austin the live music capital of the world as it is said to boast more live music venues per capita than anywhere else in the nation. Listen to bands perform anything from indie rock to swing to country at more intimate venues such as Antone’s, Emo’s or the Continental Club. Only have a short amount of time to spend in Austin but want to listen to the most music? Consider attending festivals such as Austin City Limits and SXSW which are hosted annually in Austin.

Kingston, Jamaica - USD $176

Before Bob Marley put Kingston and Jamaica on the map through reggae music, Kingston was, and continues to be, a thriving metropolis for music such as Ska and Dancehall music styles. As Jamaica celebrates its 50 years of independence in 2012, the destination is holding island-wide music events showcasing past and present music stylings like Reggae Sumfest and Stir it Up Film & Music Festival in Montego Bay and Live Music Nation in Kingston.

Have your trip planned but not sure what to pack? Music wanderlust ambassador Joellen Ferrer and her team at StubHub have provided inside knowledge on the ins and outs of outdoor concerts to help travelers have the best experience.