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Chapter 6: Prices Paid at Home and Away

Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Paris, France

Sydney's beaches are a main attraction

Knowing the average prices that your fellow travelers are spending around the world and at home can help gauge the kind of travel deal you are getting and assist you in planning for the perfect trip within the exact budget you want. Below is a look at what globetrotters from major countries worldwide have been paying on average for hotels stays in the first half of 2012, both domestically and abroad.

Over the last year, Americans have spent $5 more a night ($125 on average) when booking a hotel in The United States, while remaining steady at approximately $171 per night when booking internationally. Previous Hotel Price Indexes™ have shown that median U.S. daily rates are slowly and steadily climbing upwards year-over-year since bottoming out in 2009. It’s likely that Americans’ domestic spending habits are finally reflecting this gradual increase.

The U.S. was one of only five countries that increased the home spending in the first half of 2012. Australia and New Zealand were among those five as well and were also the only two countries to raise the bar for both home and away hotel budgets.

The Japanese continue to be the biggest splurgers overseas, spending $185 per night, while Mexicans prove to be the thriftiest travelers away from home, spending $62 less per night.

Prices Paid at Home and Away

Country Home Away
Australia $175 $176
Austria $119 $148
Brazil $139 $161
Canada $141 $151
China $96 $162
Denmark $147 $145
Finland $145 $137
France $105 $139
Germany $115 $137
Hong Kong $142 $144
India $91 $141
Ireland $106 $145
Italy $112 $139
Japan $137 $185
Mexico $105 $123
Netherlands $128 $136
New Zealand $107 $155
Norway $184 $167
Portugal $84 $139
Russia $151 $160
Singapore $184 $142
South Korea $153 $143
Spain & Canary Islands $94 $136
Sweden $159 $157
Switzerland $200 $173
United Kingdom $128 $159
United States of America $125 $171