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Chapter 4: American Travel Habits

Athens is a classic vacation spot

The cuisine is one of Europes major draws

Views of Capri

A Close Look at Europe:

Even with countless places to visit in the world, destinations in Europe still continue to be at the top of the bucket list for many American travelers. Europe boasts some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sites and cities – from the festive coasts of Spain all the way to the picturesque Helsinki, which houses magnificent art and architecture and mouth-watering cuisines. It was also home to this year’s exhilarating Summer Olympics in London, as well as the spirited 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, making it an even more appealing destination to foreigners. With the region’s hotel prices dropping by 1% overall, traveling to Europe is gradually becoming more attainable.

Here are some of the most affordable destinations in Europe this year that are sure to satisfy everyone’s wanderlust.

Capri, Italy - $277

The stunning island of Capri is a celebrated beauty spot and coastal resort with a number of breathtaking landmarks and attractions. According to the LA Times, nearly a quarter-million vacationers squeeze onto the two-by-four mile island every year, and now, this popular destination is more affordable than ever with hotel prices dropping a surprising 28%. Though prices are still at an average of $277, the more than $100 decrease from last year’s rate provides the perfect incentive and opportunity for people to visit the island.

Tours, France - $128

This year, the historic Tours saw a substantial price decrease of 19%, making the average hotel price $128. Here, travelers can visit the magnificent Chateaux of the Loire Valley and gardens of Chateau de Valmer. Visitors can also hop in a car and take a short two-and-a-half hour trip to Paris to explore the famous City of Lights while saving big bucks.

Berlin, Germany - $130

A city that saw no change in its hotel prices this year is consistent Berlin, Germany. Around this same price since 2009, travelers can take advantage of this steady rate by partaking in the endless activities and attractions found in the country’s capital. Visitors can check out everything from the beautiful Potsdam’s Gardens to “Art Forum Berlin,” gallery displays of modern art to be held in early October. The grand Olympic Stadium would be another great destination in light of this year’s games.

Athens, Greece - $132

Even with all the news surrounding its shaky economy, the city of Athens, Greece still remains as enchanting and affordable as ever. Hotel room rates have dropped 11% since this time last year, giving travelers a chance to explore all that Athens has to offer. Vacationers can visit the enlightening Acropolis Museum, the famous Parthenon, or go on an Athens food tour and taste a wide variety of savory and sweet Greek delicacies.