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Chapter 7: Affordable Luxury

Brussels, Belgium

The heart of Lisbon, Portugal

Travelers dont need to be rich to have luxury vacations in Brussels

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland, the birthplace and hometown of classical composer Chopin, is rich in musical and cultural history.

Lisbon, Portugal, five time host of the world famous Rock in Rio pop-rock music festival, is rich in exciting entertainment.

Brussels, Belgium, widely recognized for its iconic waffles, decadent chocolate and distinct beer brews, is rich in flavor.

Luckily, travelers don’t need to be rich in anything but knowledge in order to experience all that cities like these have to offer. Below is a listing of the Top 10 Cities with the Best Five-Star Room Rates. A remaining trend sees in 2012 is the rise of Eastern European cities such as Tallinn, Estonia, known for its historic, yet lavish, royal palaces and castles. Value-focused adventurers can easily find luxury for less with five-star prices in these cities ranging between only $137 and $196 a night.

Best Five-Star Room Rates

Rank City 2011 Price 2012 Price YoY ADR
1. Warsaw, Poland $129 $137 6%
2. Marrakech, Morocco $204 $155 -24%
3. Budapest, Hungary $193 $170 -12%
4. Brussels, Belgium $197 $181 -8%
5. Lisbon, Portugal $199 $182 -9%
6. Pisa, Italy $189* $183* -3%*
7. Cairo, Egypt $204 $185 -9%
8. Bangkok, Thailand $203 $193 -5%
9. Tallinn, Estonia $221 $195 -12%
10. Berlin, Germany $205 $196 -4%

*The YoY percentage for Pisa, Italy is based on a comparison of prices in Q1 and Q2 of 2012 compared to the prices in Q3 and Q4 of 2011, as prices in Q1 and Q2 of 2011 were not available for this city.