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"Climbing in popularity, San Diego rose above Chicago for the first time as Americans' 4th most popular U.S. destination."
Source: US 2012 HPI

"Rebounding in popularity, Toyko rose 17 spots to become the 8th most popular international destination for Americans."
Source: US 2012 HPI

"The most expensive Canadian destination is Lake Louise, Alberta with an average daily rate of $243 CAD."
Source: Canada 2012 HPI

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Sin City has been Americans' favorite U.S. destination since 2009; prices rose 7%."
Source: US 2012 HPI.

"Charleston, South Carolina saw prices make the largest jump yet to $152 - a 52% year-over-year increase."
Source: US HPI 2012

"Six of the 10 most affordable cities in Canada can be found in Ontario."
Source: Canada 2012 HPI

"Bogota, Colombia made its debut on the 'Top International Destinations for Americans' list."
Source: US HPI 2012

"New Orleans prices are up 9%, but the cost of a Po' Boy is one of the cheapest according to the Club Sandwich Index."
Source: US HPI 2012/ 2012 Club Sandwich Index

"69% of U.S. cities showed an increase in prices in the first half of 2012."
Source: US HPI 2012


The® Hotel Price Index™ (HPI®) is a regular survey of hotel prices in major destinations across the world. The HPI is based on bookings made on and prices shown are those actually paid by customers per room night, rather than advertised rates.

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