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Chapter 6: Prices Paid at Home and Away


The beach in Akumal, Mexico

The beach in Akumal, Mexico

Data collected on prices paid both at home and away display that travelers of various nationalities tend to spend more when abroad than when in their own countries. This is likely due to factors such as currency exchange rates and people’s willingness to increase expenditures in order to enjoy a more pleasurable and memorable stay.

Japanese travelers are the new top spenders when traveling abroad, paying an average of $176 per hotel room when they head overseas.  Travelers from Japan are followed by those from Switzerland and Australia, who respectively spend $175 and $172 in other countries. 

While U.S. travelers have dropped into fourth place, spending an average of $171 per night on hotels overseas, this is still an increase from last year’s average of $160 per night. At the other end of the spectrum, travelers from Mexico spend the least when outside their own borders, parting with just $117 per night for hotel rooms.

Travelers from the U.S. are much thriftier hotel bookers when at home, spending $119 when traveling domestically.  The biggest domestic spenders are from Switzerland, paying an average of $220 in local Swiss hotels. 

Travelers from India continue to be the lowest domestic spenders, with an average of $92 per room spent on hotels within their borders.

Prices Paid at Home and Away

Nationality Home Prices Paid
(USD Per Room)
Away Prices Paid
(USD Per Room)
USA 119 171
Russia 167 163
Japan 143 176
Portugal 105 153
Australia 165 172
Sweden 169 161
India 92 146
United Kingdom 133 157
Ireland 117 152
Brazil 168 157
Italy 129 146
Canada 141 147
Spain & Canary Islands 107 147
Netherlands 137 142
France 114 145
Germany 122 143
Singapore 183 136
Mexico 115 117
South Africa 130 132
China 126 159
Denmark 158 149
Austria 133 155
Finland 147 142
South Korea 160 153
New Zealand 99 147
Norway 192 169
Switzerland 220 175

Australia had the largest price increase for domestic travelers since the 2010 Hotel Price Index, with a rise from $140 to $165 per room per night. Brazil came in at a close second with an increase from $144 to $168. The largest decrease in domestic spending per night was in Portugal, which fell from $114 to $105.

Several new to the 2011 list include China, Denmark, Austria, Finland, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland.

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