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Chapter 4: American Travel Habits

Big Ben, London, England, UK

Big Ben, London, England, UK

The lights of Hong Kong City at night

The lights of Hong Kong City at night

Top Overseas Destinations for Americans: Spending More When Abroad 

Americans paid on average $52 more for a hotel room while overseas compared to when they traveled within the United States.

Despite a weak dollar against both the British pound and the euro, Americans can’t get enough of our neighbors across the pond. Between April’s royal wedding and the excitement surrounding the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic Games, London yet again ranks as Americans’ favorite international destination. The historic cities and cultural hubs of Paris and Romehold steady as the second and third most popular destinations abroad.

Americans continue to head north to visit our Canadian neighbors. Toronto, appealing to extreme adventurers with this summer’s opening of “Edge Walk,” the chance to dangle from the outside of Toronto's CN Tower (one of the world’s largest structures), once again took top honors as the most visited Canadian city by Americans, followed by Vancouver and then Montreal.

Climbing two spots, Hong Kong moves from the tenth to the eighth most popular overseas destination. 

Even with repeated warnings from the U.S. Department of State about traveling to Mexico due to crime, Cancun remains a favorite among American travelers looking to escape and soak up the sun, ranking as the tenth most popular destination abroad.

Top 10 International Destinations for U.S. Travelers

City State Country Year
London United Kingdom 2011
Paris France 2011
Rome Italy 2011
Toronto ON Canada 2011
Vancouver BC Canada 2011
Barcelona Spain & Canary Islands 2011
Montreal QC Canada 2011
Hong Kong China 2011
Madrid Spain & Canary Islands 2011
Cancun Mexico 2011