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Chapter 3: A Look at U.S. Hotel Rates

Sailboats near waterfront hotels

Sailboats near waterfront hotels

Prices Slashed Across the U.S.

Despite the upward trend in hotel prices, there are still plenty of great deals to be had.

In fact, about one third of U.S. cities are reported to have had a decrease in rates in the first half of 2011. Cities across the country are still lowering rates dramatically to attract vacationers in the midst of the economic downturn. For instance, the gorgeous Atlantic Beach, NC and Boulder City, NV (just 35 minutes outside Las Vegas) are both down nearly 30% from last year.

For the steepest savings, travelers should check out Essex Junction, VT, where they can stay for only $83 a night, compared to the $135 they would have had to pay the year prior (a 38% difference).

Greatest U.S. Price Decreases

City State 2010 2011 YoY ADR
Essex Junction VT $135 $83 -38%
Live Oak TX $106 $67 -37%
Doraville GA $67 $45 -33%
Delavan WI $113 $77 -32%
Catoosa OK $131 $90 -31%
New Cumberland PA $120 $83 -31%
Boulder City NV $63 $45 -29%
Atlantic Beach NC $146 $105 -28%
Cohoes NY $90 $65 -28%
Woodstock IL $85 $62 -27%