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"Californian cities crowd the top 10 Favorites List for American Travelers."

"Bangkok offers the most bang for your buck for luxury."

"About one third of U.S. cities are reported to have had a decrease in rates."

"Bermudian cities dominate list of most expensive cities in the Caribbean."

"Hotel prices in Reykjavik, Iceland, are up 44%."

"The South still less expensive on average, than the rest of the U.S."


The® Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™) is a regular survey of hotel prices in major city destinations across the world. The HPI is based on bookings made on and prices shown are those actually paid by customers (rather than advertised rates) for the first half of 2011. The report largely compares prices paid in 2010 with prices paid in 2011.

Are you looking for a luxury hotel that won't break the bank? Are you planning a visit to Europe but don't know which cities are affordable? Organizing a business meeting and looking for the ideal destination? Let the® Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™) help make those decisions for you.

Map of US and Canada Prices

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Infographic: Where do Americans like to travel?

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  1. Global Price Changes
    A Look at Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Caribbean
  2. Price Changes in Global City Destinations
    The World's Top Cities
    Most Expensive
    Highs and Lows
    Surprising Price Drops
  3. A Look at U.S. Hotel Rates
    Most Expensive
    Least Expensive
    Greatest Increases
    Greatest Decreases
  4. American Travel Habits
    Domestic Retreats
    Americans Abroad
    Welcoming Foreign Friends
  5. Top Asian, Caribbean and Latin American Destinations
    A Look at Asia, Caribbean, Latin America
  6. Prices Paid at Home and Away
  7. Affordable Luxury
    Best 5 Star Room Rates
    Best Value for $100
  8. A Look at Canada
    Top Domestic Destinations
    International Travelers
    International Destinations
    Most / Least Expensive Cities
    Affordable Luxury